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Bruce Woollen Mill

The Bruce Woollen Mill Ltd was re-established in April 2012 out of a need to have a reliable supply of raw materials to local wool manufacturers and wholesalers to the handcraft industry. The assets were purchased from Quality Yarns Ltd, which had closed in December 2011.

The reopening of the business has created re-employment for 30 staff producing high quality wool and wool blend yarns for knitting and weaving. The business is owned by a consortium of Wool Equities Ltd and a group of New Zealand manufacturers and wholesalers..

The Bruce Woollen Mill now offers a wide range of woollen spun yarns such as merino possum, worsted yarns, pure wool, tencel, merino/tencel and fancy yarns, mohair boucle and many more, most of which can be seen in the Mill Factory Shop, along with an assortment of items from their possum merino yarn, woollen and worsted spun jersey.


Addition; January 2016

Unfortunately, the Bruce Woollen Mill has recently gone into receivership, which is a great loss to the local community.