Applying for Grants

Here you can access Grants that are available to the community and an overview regarding these. 


ANZ Staff Foundation

This foundation supports charitable organisations whose work fulfills one or more of the following purposes:

  • To assist in the promotion of financial literacy
  • To provide opportunities for all New Zealanders to achieve economic and social independence
  • To provide access to learning opportunities that prepare people for meaningful work and a high quality of life
  • To assist people working together to create viable and secure communities
  • To assist communities to conserve NZ’s natural and historic resources

A maximum of $25,000 can be requested by each charity per funding round.

Applications with support from an ANZ staff member who belongs to the Staff Foundation will be given preference.

Funding rounds

  • The ANZ New Zealand Staff Foundation has two funding rounds per year which close at 5pm on 15 February and 15 August or on the next business day if either of these dates fall on a weekend or public holiday.
  • February funding round: All applicants will be notified of the outcome in late April. Funds will be required to be used between May and October.
  • August funding round: All applicants will be notified of the outcome in late October. Funds will be required to be used between November and April.

    Please note: The Foundation will not provide funding to an organisation who has received a grant from the Foundation in the previous 12 months.

Further information

For any questions about applying to the ANZ New Zealand Staff Foundation, please contact us at or phone 09 252 6563


Apply here.


Clutha District Council

Council Reimbursement Grant.

Criteria for application:

  • The organisation is non- profit 
  • The organisation provides a service to, or is undertaking a project, that benefits residents of the Clutha District

There are two types of assistance.

  • Reimbursement of Council fees and charges.
  • Aims to support organisations by helping reduce costs of one-off projects or events
  • Is capped at $2000, per organisation, per financial year
  • Reimbursement of rents for properties leased from Council.
  • Aims to help reduce costs for organisations leasing Council property
  • Up to $2000 per organisation, per annum, is available.

For more information, and other grants available through the council, visit


Community Organisation Grant Scheme (COGS)

A community- driven fund that provides grants to non-profit community organisations that deliver community- based social services.

Grant decisions will be based on the likelihood that the services or completed project will deliver the community benefits and outcomes described in the grant request.

Priorities for funding include projects that are initiated by local community organisations, have limited access to other government funding, respond to locally identified priorities, and deliver to one or more of these sectors:

  • Maori
  • Women
  • Pacific communities
  • Other ethnic communities
  • Older people
  • Rurally isolated people
  • People with disabilities
  • Families
  • Youth and children 
  • Unemployed people

Grant amounts are usually $3000 or less, but there is no limit to the amount you can apply for.

Applications close 4th March 2020

Apply here.


Dunedin Casino Charitable Trust

Established in 1999 as part of the Dunedin Casinos license application process, to provide funds for charitable purposes.

The objective of this grant is to assist in:

  • The relief of poverty
  • The advancement of education
  • The advancement of religion
  • The advancement of sports for the benefit of the wider community
  • Or any other charitable purpose deemed beneficial to the Community by the Trustees

There are two application rounds each year in May and November. 

The May funding round is for a one off grant — $50,000.

Information can be found here.

For an application form email or phone (03) 474 9714


J R McKenzie Trust

A charitable trust established in 1940 by John McKenzie and continued by his family. It has a long, proud history of helping to build stronger communities in New Zealand.

Key areas of focus are disadvantaged children & their families, and Maori development. 

Priorities for funding are:

  • Capacity development: activities that strengthen leadership, participation and/or community skills and resources
  • Maori development: Tino rangatiratanga/ self-determined development activities
  • Social change: advocacy and other work towards social and systemic change

Each organisation can only apply once per calendar year.

Our next funding round opens 18 December 2019 and closes 2 March 2020.

Round One:

  • opens for outline applications in December
  • closes for outline applications in March
  • In July, the J R McKenzie Trust Board will meet and decide which programmes and initiatives will receive funding.

Round Two:

  • opens for outline applications in June
  • closes for outline applications in July
  • In December, the J R McKenzie Trust Board will meet and decide which programmes and initiatives will receive funding.

For each Round, the following steps apply:

  • six weeks after the closing date you will be notified if you have been shortlisted
  • shortlisted groups will have approximately one month to submit a full application
  • a panel of 3 – 4 people from the J R McKenzie Trust will visit your organisation during this time to see and hear what you do and offer support for completing your full application
  • J R McKenzie Trust staff members are available by phone or email to help you with both the outline and full applications, and can review a draft full application if required


Apply here.


New Horizons for Women Trust

Provides awards that benefit women and/or girls.

Each year the Trust provides a number of second- chance education, research and specific purpose awards.

Awards are given in the categories:

  • Second-chance Education Awards
  • Research Awards
  • Specific Purpose Awards

For application info please visit their website or click on the link below

Apply here.


Otago Community Trust

A Trust that gives money to charitable and other purposes that benefits the community.

The following sectors are identified as being priority for funding:

  • Education
  • Community wellbeing
  • Community activity
  • Sport and recreation
  • Arts and culture
  • Events
  • Heritage
  • Environment 

Within these sectors the Trust has developed purposes and priorities.

Applications that align with these priorities will be considered more favorably.

Applications are accepted at any time.

Apply here.


Scotlands Te Kiteroa Trust

Established in 1982 by WDFF (now know as Rural Women New Zealand).

Maximum grant given is $1,500.

Categories for grants given are:

  • The welfare of children and the elderly
  • Community
  • Conservation
  • Education

Applications close on the 31st of December annually.

More information can be found here.

Applications can be sent to:

The Secretary
Scotlands Te Kiteroa Charitable Trust Inc
Box 12 021


The Sargood Bequest

Grants are usually <$5000.

Sir Percy Sargood founded this Charitable Trust in 1939. 

Grants are available to projects and activities with a focus on access, participation and inspiration, in the following areas:

  • Child & youth
  • Culture
  • Sports & outdoors
  • Education
  • Environment

Projects where funds are specifically targeted are prioritized the highest.

Contacting the Trustees prior to applying is recommended.

Applications close 31st December annually.

Apply here.


The Trust Community Foundation

Established in 2010, funding is provided for:

  • Clubs
  • Charities
  • Community groups

Funds come from gaming machines.

Each year more than $14 million dollars is given away.

There are 11 funding rounds per annum. The dates for the closing of these rounds in 2019 are: 10th January, 10th February, 1st March, 10th April, 10th May, 10th June, 10th July, 10th August, 10th September, 10th October, 10th November. 

Apply here.


The Waste Minimisation Fund

Funds projects that promote or achieve waste minimisation. The fund works to increase resource efficiency, reuse, recovery & recycling, and decreases waste to landfill.

Preference will be given to projects that collectively give the largest net benefit over time. This means projects that can show:

  • Likelihood of success
  • Reduction of harm to the environment
  • Reduction in the volume of waste disposed of
  • Economic, environmental, social or cultural benefits
  • Longer term benefits after the completion of the project

 Apply here.


Transpower Community Care Fund

Provides funding for:

  • One off projects between $5,000 and $50,000
  • Projects in communities in close proximity to the grid and who are affected by Transpower assets (typically communities no greater than 5km away from their lines)
  • Lasting projects that benefit the wider community
  • Projects that have a high level of community involvement and participation
  • Committed projects that have already raised funds from another source

Submit an Expression of Interest using our webform by 31 October (for the summer funding round) or 30 April for the (winter funding round) 

If invited to do so, you will submit a Final Application form using a link sent to you. Final Applications must be submitted by 31 Jan ( for the summer funding round) or 31 July (for the winter funding round)

For more info click here
The Tindall Foundation

Each year, Local Donation Managers give away approximately $3.5 million of TTF funds in two of our Focus Areas — family and environment.
Donations range from $500 to $15,000.

Local Donation Managers are established organisations working in their communities. They use their expertise and local knowledge when allocating our funds, and we highly value our partnership with them.

If you are a local organisation applying for a donation to support your local community you will apply directly to one of our 23 Local Donation Managers. There are four groups:

Check out their website The Tindall Foundation